Baker Proud Summer 2018 - 3

Regena Aye, '94, Ed.D. '14
Allen Community College, Dean of
Online Learning

Regena Aye became Baker Built in
1994 when she earned her Bachelor of
Arts in political science and government. After deciding she wanted to
move up the higher education career
ladder, she returned to Baker for her
EdD in Educational Leadership, graduating in 2014.
Since then Aye's career has been
one for the history books. She became
the first Kansan to serve as Civil Air
Patrol region commander. CAP is
the official auxiliary of the United
States Air Force. One of eight region
commanders nationwide, Aye now
commands seven states and over 4,000
Earning her terminal degree also
allowed Aye to advance professionally at Allen Community College. She
became the dean for online learning
in 2010, and now manages a program
with 1,800 to 1,900 students each
"Baker gave me the tools required
for success in my career and life. From
critical thinking skills to improved
confidence, Baker provided me with
a solid undergraduate educational
experience. The amazing faculty and
staff supported my efforts to grow academically and personally. The Ed.D.
program at Baker provided the next
step when I was ready to continue
my studies and advance my career. A
challenging curriculum and caring faculty and staff helped me complete my
dream of earning a doctoral degree." 

Katie Sellers, '11

Cerner Corporation, Team Lead and
Employment Practices Manager
Kansas City Fashion Week,
Executive Director

Katie Sellers has made the most of her
broad-based education. After graduating from Baker in 2011 with a degree in
sociology and a minor in conflict resolution and in 2014 with a Juris Doctor
from Creighton University School
of Law, she found her dream job at
Cerner Corporation. She serves as the
team lead and employment practices
manager, overseeing several of Cerner's U.S. immigration programs, such
as their H-1B sponsorship. In this role,
she works closely with the software
engineering population and organizations in a peer-to-peer approach.
In spite of her demanding job,
Sellers has found time to pursue her
interest in fashion, serving as the executive director of Kansas City Fashion
Week, working closely with sponsors
and engaging in all aspects of business
and operations of the biannual event.
"My Baker education prepared me
for success in my career by giving
me a solid academic foundation. The
emphasis on critical thinking as part
of the core curriculum at Baker, along
with my studies in sociology, provided
me with a skill set that prepared me
to take on challenging courses in law
school and address daily situations
that require complex comprehension
of laws and regulations, while keeping
in mind that every person I engage
with has a story. I could not be happier with where life has taken me, and it
all started at Baker University!"

Patrick Mirch, '12
KMBC 9 News, Producer

When Patrick Mirch walked across
the stage during commencement
in 2012, he was leaving Baker with
more than a degree in mass media
with an emphasis in broadcasting. He
also had amassed nearly two years of
experience as the KNBU-TV manager,
an internship, and a wide range of
connections and support.
Kansas City residents know Mirch's
work personally, even if they may
not realize it. He serves as a morning
producer for KMBC 9 News, responsible for putting together and writing
the shows that area viewers see on TV
every morning. KMBC 9 has been at
the top of the Kansas City ratings since
Mirch joined the team.
Personally and professionally,
Mirch has found success. In 2016,
he married his college sweetheart,
Rachel Felich, '12. Mirch contributed to a breaking news show about
record-breaking flooding in July that is
being considered for a regional Emmy.
And he makes frequent returns to Baker to speak with members of the mass
media senior seminar class.
"With Baker you know that you are
never alone. I was held accountable
by my professors, peers, and myself
to not only learn everything for my
future career, but to also push myself
to do my best. I have also enjoyed
support from friends at Baker, staff,
and alumni. Anytime I can represent
the Baker name, I know I need to be at
my best."

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