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Do you ever wonder what is behind the tradition of the challenge
coin for IASIU members? Or whom you should thank for
breathing life into the IASIU organization over 37 years ago?
The new Historical Committee explores the answers to these
questions and many more. The IASIU Historical Committee is a
new committee created in 2020 to embrace and preserve history
to make for a better future through stories, photos, and artifacts.
The IASIU Historical Committee's goal is to tell the story about the
individuals who devoted their time and talent to establish IASIU
as well as the organization's defining milestones and challenges.
Archiving our history will create a guide for our future members
and leaders as well as an investment in the present.
The following individuals volunteered to serve on the new IASIU
Historical Committee:
* Jessica Albano, Chair (Westfield Insurance)
* Lou LaRose, Co-Chair (Amica)
* Robert " Bob " Smith (NICB)
* David Rioux (Erie Insurance)
* Daniel Fitzgerald (Lifetime member)
* Ron Byrant (Erie Insurance)
* Gary Reinhardt (KPM Law)
The committee is working on the following 2021/22 initiatives:
* Remembering the 9/11 20th Anniversary at the annual
* Documenting/preserving the oral histories of past
Presidents via video and written stories
* Creating a digital heritage archive of photos, documents,
and other treasures for members to access on the website
" It is critical for current and future members
to understand how IASIU got to where it is
today and what defines IASIU. "
These initiatives are the first steps to bring the IASIU history to
life. It is critical for current and future members to understand
how IASIU got to where it is today and what defines IASIU. The
committee has already embarked on a few history lessons from
Robert " Bob " Smith, a founding member and past President, who
has been documenting the history of IASIU through a timeline of
Bill Lundy and Bob Smith
seminars, elections, and awards in 1984. Look at these milestones
that has shaped IASIU and reflects the values of an organization
that serves an ever-changing fraud fighting community:
* 1984: The organization was incorporated in 1984
and called the " National Association of Special
Investigation Units " (NASIU). It only took three years
for the organization to change its name to " International
Association of Special Investigation Units " (IASIU), setting
the foundation that fighting fraud is a global effort.
* 1992-1993: The organization expanded its members'
engagement by allowing IASIU Chapters and adding two
additional Board of Director positions, administrator (now
known as the Executive Director), and counsel.
* 1994: The IASIU Constitution and Bylaws are completed
* 1997: The organization introduces its website giving
members access to the SIU community.
* 2006: The Analyst of the Year Award is created to recognize
the work and collaboration of analysts.
* 2019: The Anti-Fraud Professional of Year Award
introduced to recognize our professional business partners
in the fight of insurance fraud.
* 2020: IASIU perseveres through a global pandemic and
manages the first virtual annual business meeting and seminar.
If history is meant to be studied and learned from, IASIU will
continue to evolve to serve its members. If you have any photos
or artifacts to share or ideas/recommendations for the Historical
Committee, please contact
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