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Hand Tufted - There is low probability of restoring due to the
U-shaped fibers and glue used in production. The back of the rug
will have some sort of " backing " type of material. These types of
rugs do not hold up well during water damage.
Hand Knotted Rug- If you flip over a hand knotted rug, the back
of the rug's design should mimic the top of the rug. In this case, the
stitching will be imperfect because this rug is truly made by hand.
Real Coach
Coach Counterfeit
Can you describe the different types of rugs that may
come up in a claim?
The three most common type of rugs are Machine Made, Hand
Tufted and Hand Knotted. See the photos to see the details of the
back of these rugs. Always ask for photos of the top, back, corners
and fringe of the rug.
How do the different production methods impact
The materials used and time spent making the rug are reflected
in the price. Machine Made rugs are mass produced, therefore
are the most cost effective. The way the rug is made has
everything to do with the cost of the rug.
Hand Tufted rugs can be pricey because they are made by hand
but using a hand-held machine. Typically, they can be produced
in just a few days.
Hand Knotted Rugs are by far the most expensive rugs as they
are made by hand and can take months to complete. With this
rug you are paying for the labor, type of fabric and number of
colors within the rug.
When is it best to get an appraiser involved for a rug that
has been damaged?
The best time is only when the rug is deemed non-restorable
and is a Hand Knotted rug. Most Machine-Made rugs and
Hand Tufted rugs will have a tag or signature that will allow
you to easily access pricing. Since Hand Knotted rugs do not
have any type of tag, an appraiser will be needed to evaluate
the rug authenticity.
Being able to determine authenticity is an important part
of determining value and repairability. With these tips, you
should be able to more confidently determine the authenticity
of handbags and area rugs in your claims.
Mr. Doug Davis has 16 years of restoration experience. Before joining FRSTeam
in 2012, Doug worked for a restoration contractor. He is a crucial part of the
FRSTeam National Account Team. Most of Doug's time is spent growing and
supporting our insurance carrier relationships. He is a Continuing Education
Trainer certified to teach 10 courses.
What are the differences between those types?
By flipping the rug over you can typically determine how the rug
was made.
Machine Made - With these rugs there is a high probability to restore.
They are typically made from synthetic fibers. When scratching the
rug, it sounds like plastic. You will see uniformity of the stitching
and there typically will not be a clear pattern on the back of the rug.
Ms. Hayley Bliss began her sales career in the restoration industry back in 2010.
She joined FRSTeam in the Colorado market in June 2013. Her role expanded
in January 2018 to also include the California and Idaho markets. Recently, she
moved to the National Account Team to focus on national insurance carrier
relationships and franchise development. Haley is a Continuing Education Trainer
certified to teach 10 courses.
Amanda Skidd is an adjuster for Nationwide based in Columbus, Ohio. She
is passionate about detecting and deterring fraud and strives to be a special
investigator. As a member of the Ohio Chapter of IASIU, she serves as the
Secretary and Web Administrator. She is also the President of the Colorado State
University - Global Campus Student Chapter of ACFE and has several fraud
related designations and awards.

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