SIU Today Summer 2021 - 5

Member Spotlight
Danelle McPeak
Place of birth: Oak Glen,
Favorite Book: The Walk
Series by Richard Paul Evans
Favorite Movie: Raiders of the
Lost Ark
Interesting places you've
traveled to: Northern England
and Scotland
What's on your bucket list: Bora Bora with my husband.
SIU experience: I began my career as a police officer. After almost 7
years, I went into the private sector and have been an SIU Investigator
for over 16 years. I have worked in Auto, Workers' Compensation,
Patent & Trademark Law and Medical Provider Fraud. In that time,
I obtained my Private Investigator's license. Currently, I am employed
with American Family Insurance Claims Services.
What people don't know about you: In college, I was on
" Family Feud " for 10 episodes and my family had the highest
winnings record for several years.
What has being a member of IASIU done for you? It helped
me to meet other professionals at monthly meetings. I was
able to be involved in several large criminal investigations by
the connections and friendships formed with other members.
Hopefully, one year I will be able to attend the annual IASIU
Conference and meet more people in my field from across the
United States.
What motivated you to obtain the CIFI? I wanted a designation
and was researching several options. After speaking to my
SIU Manager, he recommended CIFI as the best professional
designation I could receive.
What benefits do you anticipate because you obtained the
CIFI? I feel it will help me to obtain my goal of moving into
SIU Management within 5 years.
Certification Update Spring 2021
IASIU would like to congratulate the following individuals who were
certified in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021!
Certified Insurance Fraud
Investigator (CIFI)
Christopher W. Wells
State Trooper/Hit and Run
Florida Highway Patrol
Petra V. Contreras
Special Investigator
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
Jose Lima
Special Investigator
The General Insurance Company
Steve Starkey
SIU Special Investigator
Acuity Mututal Insurance Company
Lindsey Beacom
SIU Investigator
ICW Group
Frank Loto
Senior SIU Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
Megan R. Hall
Major Case Investigator
Country Financial Insurance
Lance Fraley
Director, Commercial Auto
WCF Insurance
Frank C. Emmerich
Preferred Mutual Insurance
Bryan Aaron
SIU Investigator
CompSource Mutual Insurance
Teresa Wake
SIU Investigator
CompSource Mutual Insurance
Richard Todd Jones
Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance
Mark A. Beavers
Fire Field Training Manager
Travelers Insurance
Daniel Lueth
SIU Regional Manager
American Family Insurance
Claim Services
Clark Page
Special Investigator
Tuesdae N. Martindale
Special Investigator
Kemper Insurance Company
S. John Bennion
Senior Investigator
Seth Gelander
Senior Special Investigator
Country Financial Insurance
Conor Frawley
Senior Operations Manager
Ethos Risk Services
Christopher Ross Gray
Senior Advisor
Matthew Mann
Special Investigator II
Safeco/Liberty Mutual Insurance
Kendall Connolly
Special Investigator
Farmers Insurance
David Aremka
Zurich Insurance Company
Danelle D. McPeak
Senior Special Investigator
American Family Insurance
Claims Services
Certified Insurance Fraud
Representative (CIFR)
Taylor Gath
Claims Specialist
Nationwide Insurance
Dean Volante
Senior Casualty Adjuster
Metlife Auto & Home

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